Safety & Rules

DOCK5 GmbH attaches great importance to safety.

We would like to give every guest a good feeling and a great time with us… Please note the following rules! We wish you a good time!

Cable Park Rules

Use at your own risk!

Please ask the DOCK5 team for information if you are not familiar with the activity and would like help.

Please form a line on the start dock and do not push forward.

Look back immediately if you fall into the water and avoid lines and riders. Swim immediately to the next exit point. Dive under if you cannot avoid arriving riders or lines.

Always use the curve buoys and release the dumbbell if you can’t reach them.

Exit at the white buoys in front of the engine mast, not at the start dock!

water starts are forbidden. Please release the barbell immediately and swim to the next exit point when the cable car stops.

Hold the dumbbell only with your hands! Never put your arm or head through the dumbbell. Never put the handle between your legs.

No “power tricks” in the curves. Let the carrier pass the wheel before you start your tricks!

Release the handle immediately if you fall or lose your equipment.

Safe swimming skills are required. Leave the cable car area immediately if you have fallen into the water.

The swimming pontoons and the start area may only be entered with a valid ticket.

Watch out for other drivers and features and keep as much distance as possible. To avoid collisions, please release the barbell in time and drop it into the water.

Feature Rules

Use at your own risk!

Wear a helmet and vest!

Do not use any features if someone is nearby or you are not sure if someone is there. Swim out of the danger zone immediately!

No use with fins!

No use with rental boards!

Features are only suitable for experienced drivers! Have a close look at everything in advance and ask for help!

DOCK5 is not responsible for any damage to you or your equipment that occurs during use!

House rules Dock5 Gmbh

By entering the DOCK5 premises every visitor accepts the house rules.

Every visitor must behave in such a way that other visitors are at no time harassed or even endangered.

The swimming pontoons and the start area may only be entered with a valid ticket.

The use of the cable cars and the features is at your own risk.

It’s so secret, it wasn’t written down.

The masts of the cable car must not be climbed.

The DOCK5 site is a natural area that follows the natural succession as far as possible. Visitors are required to behave accordingly.

The volume should always be reduced to room volume.

Open fire is prohibited on the entire premises.

No bathing attendant! Swimming is strictly forbidden on the DOCK5 area. Non-swimming children must be supervised at all times. No swimming supervision!

Haustiere sind auf dem DOCK5 Gelände nicht gestattet.

The wild animals at the Dürener Badesee must not be disturbed. Feeding the wild animals (swans, ducks, geese, fish, etc.) is not allowed.

We kindly ask you to refrain from eating and drinking any food and drinks you may have brought with you in the gastronomic area.

The bringing and consumption of drugs is prohibited on the entire premises.

Fire, barbecues, fireworks and shishas are prohibited.

Branches, twigs, plants and animals and other objects may not be taken along.

The stay on the DOCK5 area after 21:00 is subject to permission and must be registered!

Group events require prior registration.

All visitors are requested to keep the area clean and tidy. Please do not bring a glass with you to avoid broken glass: We are a barefoot park! Tippings and the like are to be disposed of properly! Only garbage produced on the grounds may be disposed of in the bins.

Bicycles are to be permanently connected outside the premises.

Trespassing on the DOCK5 premises at your own risk.

Children must be supervised at all times.

The instructions of the personnel must be followed without fail.

Violations of the house rules may result in immediate expulsion from the DOCK5 premises. We reserve the right to ban you from the premises if necessary.