Please contact us if you have any questions! But we are not always here to answer your questions personally.
Therefore here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions, which reach us again and again…

Prices & Bookings

Find here everything that has to do with prices and our booking system.

Are there vouchers for DOCK5?

Yes, through our booking system you can easily buy vouchers. Just a few clicks and the voucher will be sent by mail! #print@home. Of course you can also get these vouchers in our shop!

Do I have to register?

Every guest must have an account and RFID wristbands to participate in the public service! U18 year olds will be registered or added to the accounts of their parents or guardians!

Where and how do I register in the booking system?

Registration is of course also possible at our office, but we recommend that you register from home in advance. Once you are registered you can use all the advantages of WakeSys. For example, you can buy your tickets online.

How can I rent a cable car exclusively?

Our 6 mast and 2 mast cable cars can be rented exclusively for you and your friends, for an excursion or a fun party.  The cable car rentals are organized directly through our booking system. There you will also find an overview of which dates are available. There is no possibility to reserve a date provisionally.

What can you do in the booking system?

Our goal is to optimize the processes in the best possible way. Therefore we use “Wakesys” as booking system, because everything runs much easier with this. First comes the one-time registration. Then you can book vouchers, time tickets, train rentals, courses and camps. In addition you find your statistics in Wakesys. To the booking system

Are there special offers for school classes?

Yes, water sports offers a great opportunity to experience sports and nature experiences
in the sense of environmental education. Therefore we offer school classes a special rate! This is only valid from Monday to Friday, and only outside of holidays and public holidays. Further information can be found here.

Public operation

All about the common operation and the plant

Is it necessary to make a reservation to participate in the public service?

No reservations are necessary for public use. Just come by and buy a ticket in the shop! There a short registration is necessary and you can start right away.

I am a beginner, do I have to book a course or can I just come by?

Both is possible with us. Under tips & tricks you will find a lot of information about this topic!

Are there waiting times in public places?

The waiting time in public operation is strongly dependent on the weather and can therefore unfortunately not be determined in advance. Please ask our team on site about the current situation! Alternatively you can rent our 6 mast and 2 mast track and use it exclusively with your group!

What is the exact procedure for renting a cable car?

To guarantee a punctual start on the water, please check in at the shop about 30min before the start of the course rental. There every participant will receive his equipment.

Wetsuits, vests and wakeboards can be rented in the shop. The water skis and kneeboards are available directly at the track! Of course you can also use your own equipment.

You can find the prices for equipment rental here.

A staff member is available at the cable car. He accompanies the group for the rented time, gives instructions and of course gives tips at any time.

Please return the rented equipment to the shop immediately after the rental.

What happens in bad weather?

The operation actually takes place in any weather. Exceptions are storms and thunderstorms.

In the event of an impending thunderstorm, railway operations are stopped for safety reasons. This usually lasts 30 minutes and then it continues.

During the time of standstill the time tickets are stopped so that you do not lose any time!

Thunderstorms are very local and experience shows that many thunderstorms pass by our lake, but an exact forecast is not possible and DOCK5 makes the decision.

How does equipment rental work?

With us you can rent everything that is necessary for waterskiing or wakeboarding. Please bring a suitable deposit with you. You can find the prices here. Vest, water ski and kneeboard are free of charge!

All around the site

All around the lake and the area of DOCK5

Are dogs allowed on the premises?

We love dogs but unfortunately no! On the DOCK5 area there is a year-round dog ban.

Does DOCK5 provide stand up paddling?

Yes, at DOCK5 there are various SUP boards available for rent. With your own equipment you have the possibility to go on the water after registration in the shop!

Can you swim in the lake?

On the DOCK5 area there is NO water supervision and therefore swimming is prohibited here! When the Düren bathing lake is open, you can swim in the areas marked accordingly.

bathing lake quality: http://www.badegewaesser.nrw.de/

Are there bbq areas on the premises?

DOCK5 has several barbecue areas which can be booked in advance.

More information about barbecues can be found here.

How does the entrance to DOCK5 work?

The entrance to DOCK5 is directly at the bathing lake parking lot (50m behind the beach). Bathing guests from the lake please use the main entrance of the Dürener Badesee! Depending on the weather conditions we charge an entrance fee. In bad weather conditions the entrance is free of charge. More information is available here.

Is there a house rule?

Yes, at http://dock5.eu/regeln/ you will find our “house rules”

Security & Other

All around the lake and the area of DOCK5

Do you have to be able to swim to use the cable cars?

Every turn ends at some point in the water, so safe swimming is an absolute prerequisite for using the cable cars. The vests available for hire are impact protection vests, not life jackets.

Are there any rules I should observe in cable car operation?

You can find our “Cable Park Rules” at http://dock5.eu/regeln/

What do I have to consider if I want to use the features?

At http://dock5.eu/regeln/ you will find our “Feature Rules”

Is there a restaurant at DOCK5?
Yes, in the restaurant directly at the water’s edge you can observe the colorful hustle and bustle perfectly.
Whether you want to let off steam on the water or simply have a good time at the lake – here you will find selected dishes and sparkling refreshments. HERE you can find more information!
Is there a shop?
Yes, in our shop you will find high quality rental equipment and professional advice for the purchase of your own equipment is a matter of course. HERE you can find more information!